Nataša Kokić

Nataša Kokić

Unprotected Witness No.2: MMM
Museum of Science and Technology (Belgrade) - Permanent exhibition

After Unprotected Witness No. 1: Afrodisiac (2019), installed in the Museum of African Art – Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pečar Collection Unprotected Witness no. 2 returns to the museum scene, inspired by Lou Reed's experiment (Metal Machine Music). Као што је, снимањем буке, а не „праве музикеˮ Лу Рид изазвао сумњу у устаљену дефиницију музике, Unprotected Witness continues its mission of waking up museums. (May museums ever be awake at all?)
And there are more similarities between Reed's Metal Machine Music and museums. Both of them have an aura - only with gramophone Reed's music can be heard, and in the same way museums in temple-like ambient shows us the uniqueness and greatness of museum object. Both of them, the museum and Reed's vinyl are losing the totality of their originality because of the digital reproduction. Museum and Reed's vinyl are victims of noises in communication: if you turn up the volume and it is pure noise; if you turn it low and hear thousands of crickets singing their ode to the sun (Delibašić). If you want to hear Reed's idea, for real, you have to be in equilibrium, in the condition where your gramophone, your sense of hearing, and the volume of the sound are in complete harmony.
Same thing with museums: if you turn up their silence, you are at the risk to hear sound and fury, signifying nothing; if you turn it low, maybe you will notice the noise and fury of some curators. Like in the case of the MMM album, in museums, to be heard, it is necessary to make an equilibrium, to have a good-trained eye during visits, to have the right maps of imaginary cities, to be prepared for a re-examination of gravity, to walk on the line between here and now, and there and then.

Curators: Jelena Spaić (FLU) and Ana Knežević (MAU)
Consultants: Ivan Stanić (MNT) and Milan Popadić, PhD (CMiH)
Duration: 10-30 December 2020.