Jelena Spaić slika

Jelena Spaić (Kosovska Mitrovica, 1974) was hired by the University of Art in Belgrade as the Faculty of Applied Arts (FLU) curator from 2008 to 2016, 2016, and continues to work as curator at the Graphics Cabinet. She conceived and realised over thirty projects, the most important of which are FLU Gallery’s Summer Programme/Nomadic Summer Programme from 2008 to the present; in 2016, in collaboration with the publishing house specialised in daring and awarded graphic novels – IP Besna Kobila, she launched the FLU Graphic Cabinet edition: Vladimir Veljašević, Free Falling (2018) and Biljana Đurđević, Instruments of Activity (2020). The Unprotected Witness project started operating in 2019.

Ana Knezevic slika

Ana Knežević (Brus, 1993) is an art historian, museology and heritology doctoral student. Her research explores popular culture, cyberspace, and remembrance culture. She is inspired by architecture, film, and music. Currently she spends most of her time researching memes and working at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade. She writes about art and museum history in cyberspace, remembering and forgetting (un)changeable images from various heritages. She is part of several curatorial teams: Unprotected Witness No. 1: Afrodisiac (2019), Unprotected Witness No. 2: MMM (2020), Reflect: Namibia 30 Years After Liberation (2020), and Non-Aligned World (2021).

Milan Popadić slika

Milan Popadić (Novi Pazar, 1979) is full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, at the Department of Art History’s Seminar for Museology and Heritology. He researches, writes, and teaches theoretical and methodological aspects of museology and heritology, and their outcomes in contemporary culture. He is the author of the book Whose is Michelangelo's David? Heritage in Everyday Life (2012, “Lazar Trifunović” Award for Critical Writing on Contemporary Art and Visual Culture), Time Past in Time Present: An Introduction to Heritage Studies (2015), and Discreet Noise of the Sandstone: Heritage and Its Sciences (2021).

Veljasevic slika

Vladimir Veljašević (Smederevska Palanka, 1969) is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) and a full professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he teaches printmaking. He has exhibited his works in international printmaking and drawing group exhibitions in China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Syria, Canada, France, Spain, Deutschland, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Argentina, USA, Croatia, Austria, Italia, Nederland, Luxemburg, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Senegal and Ukraine. He has received several national and international awards for printmaking, comics and ilustrations.

Ema slika

Emilia Epštajn (b. in 1980) earned her BA in Ethnology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, and Masters Degree in Cultural and Gender Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences (University of Belgrade). She works at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade, traversing the field of museum work through collaborative and interdisciplinary curatorial projects. She is also executive board member of ICOM Serbia. Recent exhibition include: “Reflect #2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories: Contemporary Art of Angola” (2022), “Non-Aligned World” (2021), “‘This is Not a War’ – Liberation of Mind and Land, in Ink and in Action” (2021), and “Everyday Poetics – Instagramming Life in East Africa” (2019). She has written: “Stories about Authenticity. The Provenance of Objects at the Museum of African Art and How a Collection was Made” (2021; available online). Her published papers include: “Tracing Veda Zagorac at the Museum of African Art” (2018); and “In Whose Name We (Cannot) Speak: Of Sojourner Truth and 'Experience' as Starting Point for Living and Considering the Political Subject” (2014).

Aleksa Knezevic slika

Aleksa Knežević (Brus, 1999) is an electrical and computer engineer. He is dealing with the implementation of virtualization environment in private and public cloud. He is also interested in technologies and methods of DevOps culture as well as their application in IT environments. Lecturer at IT conferences on "Monitoring in real time - AppDynamics", and has experience in holding laboratory exercises at VISER in the role of demonstrator. He does not work on web development professionally, but he is interested in the development path of such solutions.

Dalibor Aksovic slika

Dalibor Aksović, currently lives in Belgrade, while he grew up in a small community in the South Banat District. From an early age, he liked to deal with the problems of finding solutions in different situations (problem-solving), so he decided on programming, which I first encountered at the age of 16. He mostly spends his free time surrounded by friends or working on different projects that, mostly due to their uniqueness, attract his attention. He is always open to new ideas and challenges, which he often engages in, motivated by potential new knowledge and skills.